• 1. The Montserrat Caballé International Singing Competition is specifically devoted to opera.
  • 2. The competition is open to singers of any nationality aged between 18 and 35 years old.
  • 3.Deadline for registration is September 15th 2021 No application fee is raised to apply and take part in the Competition.

    Candidates must fill in the entry form, submit the online application form and upload the compulsory documentation at the official website:

    Applicants will present a repertoire of six arias:
    3 arias of his/her own choice (which may or may not belong to our list of obligatory arias) Participants will sing the one aria he/she prefers for first round
    3 arias chosen of the official list of obligatory arias.

    Any changes of arias are kindly requested to be notify via email and will only be accepted until application's deadline by September 15th 2021 to

    - Application form
    - Curriculum vitae (CV resume)
    - A scanned document of current passport or ID
    - Photocopy of a music academy/conservatory diploma in singing
    - A letter of recommendation from a singing teacher, opera-house
    - One recent digital photo
  • 4. The competition has the right of admission of the participants.
  • 5. Schedule of the competition

    Eliminatory rounds stage: CaixaForum October 17-18-19-20, 2021
    Participants will sing one aria of their preference and make a clear choice for one aria to audition in their online application form chosen of their 3 free choice arias
    The results of the competition’s semifinal candidates are announced not before the end of all the four eliminatory rounds by October 20th 2021

    Semifinal stage: Foyer Gran Teatre del Liceu October 21st 2021
    Participants will sing one aria chosen by the Jury of the three obligatory arias listed. The Jury chooses the aria for the Final and all the successful finalists will be notified the same evening.

    Final: Gran Teatre del Liceu October 22nd 2021
    Participants will sing one aria chosen by the Jury from the total 6 arias. The Jury may choose a piece for the Final that has already been performed during the first eliminatory round or the Semifinal.

    The results of the competition are announced at the end of the Final, followed by the award ceremony.
  • 6. The order of appearance of the participants in the competition will be decided by a formal confirmation with the date and rehearsal schedule for their first eliminatory round audition by email.
  • 7. The participant must indicate by electronic application the free choice aria to sing for first eliminatory round no later than September 15th 2021, in order to receive the official acceptance as participant to the competition.
  • 8. Candidates admitted to the competition shall confirm their participation not later than September 15th 2021 and/or in case are unable to participate are kindly requested to notify their cancellation.
  • 9. All arias have to be sung by heart in their original language and key. Singers must provide their own scores for voice and piano according to their presented program.
  • 10. The competition will provide all singers with official accompanying pianists and arrange the rehearsals on the same day to their first eliminatory round, Semifinal and Final.
  • 11. The competition will hold the rights for the recording and the broadcasting by radio, television or any other audiovisual media of recording, reproduction and/or media that exist or may exist in the future, on the performances of the participants, who expressly and formally relinquish all rights to which they might otherwise be entitled. These recordings are for the archive of the competition and for audiovisual media for promotion and not to be used for commercial purposes.
  • 12. Participants will take in their own charge all travelling and accommodation expenses and the expenses involved in obtaining the visas to enter Spain, if applicable. The competition will provide a formal letter of invitation, which may be used for the issuance of a visa.
  • 13. The final decisions of the Jury will be irrevocable.
  • 14. The Jury will grant:

    First Prize15.000€
    Second Prize6.000€
    Third Prize3.000€

    The Jury has the right not to grant or to grant ex-aequo one or more of the prizes, which may be divided equally.
    Gran Teatre del Liceu will award to one of the winners with the participation in one of his future productions.

    Festival Castell de Peralada will award to one of the winners with the participation in one of his future editions.

    The audience attending the Final will grant an honorary prize.
  • 15. All participants must follow the protocol rules established by the Health Authorities from the origin of the trip and those that govern in the city of Barcelona during the Competition period.

    Any questions regarding the application process or comments: